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Volunteers are needed for train operating crew!

For additional details call the A&SV RR office at 785-263-1077, or toll free at 888-426-6687.

Volunteer Car Hosts and Depot Agents are Needed!

Are you interested in assisting the A&SVRR as an on-board Car Host and/or as a Ticket Agent in the Depot on train days?  Additional volunteers in these areas would be greatly appreciated!  Call the A&SVRR Office for details.

Passenger Car “Enterprise”

Our former MKT RR wooden passenger car, the “Enterprise”, is currently undergoing an extensive evaluation and rebuild.  Volunteers have removed the siding to evaluate the condition of the underlying structure and will soon begin the process of replacing deteriorated wood, as needed, and rebuilding the car.  During this lengthy process, the “Chicago” passenger car will be in use on the regular passenger runs as well as it’s usual use on the dinner trains.  Additional volunteers interested in working on this project, especially those with experience working with wood, would be appreciated as would donations toward the expenses to necessary to complete the project.

Visit the Hoffman Grist Mill in Enterprise

The Hoffman Grist Mill adjacent to our tracks in Enterprise is UP AND RUNNING!  Over this past winter we also completed some various upgrades in the mill and a new, larger, grinding stone was put in place.  Various types of flour from the Grist Mill

are available to purchase.  Be sure to visit the Grist Mill during the train layover in Enterprise.  (More information HERE.)

We hauled some cattle!

To inaugurate the Chisholm Trail 150th anniversary event over Labor Day weekend in 2016 we hauled some longhorn cattle to replicate the many head of cattle that were loaded on trains in Abilene for shipment east after the herds were driven up the trail to Abilene from Texas.  We did it again on September 2 and 3, 2017 during a wonderful entertainment packed two-day celebration of the trail!  This was a spectacular celebration in remembrance of the wild trail days.



We appreciate your business!

We also certainly appreciate our volunteers who keep the train running for your enjoyment!

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