Flint Hills Express Excursion Train with Snack Option

Wednesday, July 03
$0 to $50
For a unique chapter of Kansas history, take the train!
The Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad’s Flint Hills Express leaves Abilene’s 1887 Rock Island Depot at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday mornings, with coffee and pastry served in our climate controlled Chicago car. Or if you just want a train ride, we also offer a regular general admission seat in the Enterprise car. Order your tickets today and ride in heated and air conditioned comfort in our remodeled Chicago and Northwestern 400 Streamliner car, or our prized 1902 MKT wooden passenger coach. Or you can ride outside in our converted open-air gondola cars. Board the train at Abilene’s historic Rock Island Depot for a two hour trip through the Smoky Hill River Valley! At Enterprise, we’ll have a 30-minute layover, where you can tour the Hoffman Mill and shop in our country store that features several varieties of home-ground flour. Ride the rails of Kansas history on the A&SV’s Flint Hills Express! Locomotive passengers require close-toed shoes and Engineer approval of any rider under age 16. Caboose and Locomotive rides are not accessible for mobility impaired passengers. Locomotive and Caboose passengers under age 11 require an adult rider to accompany them.
Locomotive Rides require close-toed shoes and under 16 approval of the Engineer. Caboose and Locomotive rides are not accessible for mobility-impaired passengers.


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